International Student Design Competition

Mohammed Yass | 14. September 2009 | 1 Minute Lesezeit

Usability Professionals' Association – International Conference Munich, Germany | May 24-28, 2010

This competition invites student teams to invent a system or create a concept that addresses this design problem. This could be any kind of product, system or service that has impact on our environment, energy, water, soil, and more. Most important is that the solutions follow a user centered design process supported by background research and, if possible, ethnographic research of the solution space. We encourage students to reach into their nearby communities and include target user groups beyond students themselves – for example, families with children, urban professionals, the elderly, etc.. Solutions should be focused on real locations and be sensitive to real users’ needs and cultures. A cross-cultural approach and solution, reflecting the focus of the UPA2010 conference theme, would be desirable but not obligatory.

To enter the competition, student teams may present either a concept (a clear, detailed design specification that can be taken to prototype), or a fully realized prototype. Either way, teams must clearly illustrate their design decisions and demonstrate the user centered design processes that have been followed.